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Sunset with sand in the air which throws an especially soft light. Two more clouds are above the sun and are illuminated.
Light rays coming through the leaves of trees in a lush and green forest
Photo of the milky way above a mountain ridge and with green illuminated ground grass in the foreground.

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A colorful blob of glowing spheres with some translucent rings around them. The background is a light blue and a chinese sign is below the 'blob'. The mashed together spheres in the middle touch each other and morph into each other in some places. They are orange and black
A dark background with a white circle in the middle. In front of it is a sphere with the surface of a rocky mountain is placed. The sphere itself is impaled by a black stick. The sphere itself is rocky grey with an orange stripe in the middle. A ring (with frosty glass texture) is around the sphere
A skeleton stature standing in a seemingly endless room that has blue-orange stripes. The skeleton is holding up the left hand with an apple in the hand. Some bubbles are floating around the statue and refracting the background
An isometric illustration that represents a 'Gatsby Theme'. The middle is a box with a hovering Gatsby Logo (a stylized G) over the box, orange light shining from below. The Box is connected by three other smaller platforms that represent components, data layer, external sources and other themes. A conveyor belt is transporting pieces (representing React components)
A purple hand reaching out of the water at sunset. The hand is falling into pieces at the bottom
Hexagonal abstract shapes with different hights and light beams coming out of the centers of some of those pillars
A box with two conveyor belts, one coming in and the other going out. In goes HTML, JS, React and out comes a finished Gatsby site. The HTML, JS, React are represented with their logos on the conveyor belt, the Gatsby Logo is the stylized G
3D Rendered image in Cinema4D showing a Mandalorian Helmet (from Star Wars) floating above a tube. It's white with gold accents. In the background metal tubes and golden plants float behind the helmet


Photo compositing of multiple animals (eagle, whale, elephant) flying in the air through the clouds. The elephant has baloons attached to it and is in the background. In the middleground a person is riding on a blue whale through the clouds. In the foreground an eagle is flying from left to right through the frame and flying feathers from it are showing slightly blurry (depth of field) on the left part of the image and at the bottom
Dark-Themed website with a header showing the name, location, and social links. An image grid below the header showing previews of the individual posts. In the background the footer of the website is visible. Mockup of emilia.lekoarts.de
A white-themed website with a header showing the name, navigation, color mode toggle, and social links. The hero section with a greeting to the visitor is followed by a section called 'Latest Posts' and 'Projects'. This is a mockup of minimal-blog.lekoarts.de
Website with a hero section with text 'Free & Open Source Gatsby Themes' on the left and a 3D illustration on the right. A list of the available themes (each with preview images) follows this hero section. The rest of the page is the 'About Me' section with a descriptive text about the author. This is a mockup showing themes.lekoarts.de
Previews of the homepage of lekoarts.de. Showing the 'Latest Post' section with one big preview of a post (with excerpt) and a section 'More posts' with three more posts. Below are two preview images of the 'Art' section. On the right is the open source section of the homepage showcasing two projects
Mockup of a custom designed keyboard, its packaging and the website announcement. The packaging for the keyboard features the name 'Model One' and a preview of the keyboard itself. It's a RGB + Numpad keyboard with mechanical keys -- the packaging gives that information with labels and text. Besides the package a laptop mockup is showing a preview of the shop owners' website called 'Krotus Computer'.
Harry Potter inspired photo compositing showing a women standing at a desk making potion. The desk is directly in front of a wall that has the crest of 'Gryffindor' on the left and two portraits of old wizards on the right. The woman is clothed in Gryffindor clothes (red & yellow). A couple of items are placed on the desk: Candles, a large potion cauldron, an open book with instructions, and a couple of smaller test tubes


Small boat in a port of a small town in Croatia. The town is in the background and has a small destroyed castle at the top
Showing the water reflection of the sky, a small village on the right and the mountains in the background
Blurry gras in the foreground, a small village at a lake in the middleground, and the mountains in the background
Waterfalls in the Plitvicer Lakes
Lake Bled in Slowenia with the alps in the background